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25th Iona Writing Retreat draws closer...

Just a few days till the start of my 25th Iona Writing Retreat. I love working with the talented writers who come on my courses...sometimes beginners, sometimes already published. It feels such a privilege to work and write in the fantastic setting of the Isle of Iona, cradle of Christianity and possibly of the Druids before them, at the very heart of the Celtic world. Not to mention white sands, a turquoise sea and a sense of peace and tranquillity which feels unique, all at the cosy Argyll Hotel overlooking the Sound of Iona. I have made so many friends on Iona over the years, seen newborn babies grow to adults, go off to university, sometimes come back and marry a girl or a lad from the island, or go off round the world! I have come to greatly value and respect the wonderful people who live and work on this tiny island. I count myself very very lucky indeed to have the chance to work here for a few weeks a year, in May and September, and to become a transient part of that very special world.

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