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Voices of Ukraine Book Launch

Many of the poems in this book have been written in the past weeks as the war in Ukraine has unfolded. The collection is intended to raise funds for WCK, World Central Kitchen, and also as a gesture of solidarity with all the brave people of Ukraine in its struggle against overwhelming forces.

This group of writers represented here first came together as a Zoom Writers group in the very early days of lockdown with members from the UK, the USA and Europe. They are still working together fortnightly for most of the year, facilitated by author Angela Locke and co-host Rebekah Spivey, who suggested that WCK, World Central Kitchen, would be an excellent charity to benefit from the sale of their book in response to the tragedy of Ukraine.

All monies from the cover price and additional donations will go straight to WCK, who are providing hot meals for Ukranian refugees across the borders of the host countries, and we feel that would be a fitting way to extend the hand of friendship and comfort to those desperate families fleeing the war. You are invited to donate the cover price of the book and if you wish to add a voluntary donation. Please support if you can.

All proceeds to WCK, World Central Kitchen, who have already fed more that a million refugees on the borders of Ukraine. Cost £2.50 for PDF + extra donation if wished. Just let me know you have donated and I will send the PDF. available now by private messaging Angela here.

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