Angela Locke

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‘The Universe is Imagination Set Free.’ These are the words which are at the heart of my organisation, where I seek to allow others to flower in their own creativity. It is a beautiful thing to see someone open like a flower, often having been crushed by circumstances for so long from expressing their true creativity. They seem to change physically, even in a few days, particularly on special places like Iona, and it is an immense privilege to share in that process. For me, as a writer and teacher, creativity is at the heart of who we are. This may be expressed through words, through photography, painting or dance, or in so many other ways.


People say to me ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body’, and then go on to tell me how they have envisioned a beautiful garden, or have a dream of the future by the sea, or of getting to the top of a mountain. Or sometimes they may say ‘I once wrote a poem when I was a child, but I grew out of it, and I’m no good now…’and that makes me sad. For where would the Universe be without creativity? As Einstein knew when he said we should all be like children playing...


As a Writing tutor Angela leads Creative Writing Workshops across Cumbria and the wider UK; in hospitals, schools and in the community. Giving something back is important, as is facilitating creativity and enabling the flowering of the imagination.


Angela holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Northumbria, and is a highly qualified teacher. She has also been the Creative Writing Tutor for Mungrisdale Writers Group since founding it with local writers in 1998. The writers meet regularly at the Mungrisdale Village Hall, which rests in a valley in the Northern fells beyond Keswick.



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