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Books by Angela Locke

Tamarisk: Love and War in France

A unique human story of love, suffering and ultimately survival set against the background of the
Special Operations Executive ( F Section), fiction based on factual stories, and continuing into the
immediate aftermath of the war in Europe The author is a French speaker with decades of
experience of living part-time in France, whose grandmother was rumoured to be of Romany
heritage. This gives a unique edge to the plot. Many years research with original material with access
to papers, artefacts and film at the Imperial War Museum, interviews with members of the French
Resistance and those working for SOE in the 1970s and 80s. The story moves into the post-war world
where change must happen after war, when healing and reparation must find a way. The
masculinity, if you like, of war and its macho world must move to a different energy, in which the
agent who has faced danger and death must learn to live in a changed world where other challenges
and skills are needed. Love must find a way through the ruins of the country and healing must
happen for this small group of people who are marked by war.

Dreams of the Blue Poppy


Forbidden to walk because of his illness, Charles Fergusson is growing up a spoiled, sickly child. He dreams of becoming a plant hunter, and of finding the fabled Blue Poppy which grew in his grandmother's garden in Sikkim, but it seems he will be trapped forever in the dark house in the Cumbrian fells. Robert Hale Ltd, 2007.

On Juniper Mountain

Angela Locke travelled to Nepal in the early 90's to research a new book, and found herself on a journey of discovery which would change her life. She would find herself returning to Nepal, becoming immersed in the life of the country, and experiencing a deep spiritual awakening. Her experiences would lead to the founding of the charity Juniper Trust which now works in Education and Health with the poorest communities all over the world. O-Books, 2010.


Mr.Mullet Owns a Cloud


The magical story of a Cumbrian farmer and his adventures with the mischievous cloud, Napoleon. Zeus, King of the Gods sends a cloud for a year’s free trial on Mr Mullett’s fell farm after an act of kindness. But nothing is ever for free. Chatto & Windus, 1982 and CumbriaLife Books.

Mrs.Mullet & The Cloak of Gaia

Magic and Divine mayhem in the Cumbrian Fells! Mister Zeus, King of the Gods, returns to the valley, where he once lent a mischievous cloud, Napoleon, to old Farmer Mullett to help him with his weather.This time his beautiful Earth Cloak, the Cloak of Gaia, has two holes in its atmosphere and his strength is ebbing away, Earth's weather grows more turbulent, with earthquakes, tornadoes, drought and floods. Mrs Mullet champion darner, is chosen by Mr Zeus to mend the cloak, helped or hindered by Napoleon. But can she mend it in time, and save the Earth, or will it be too late? Bookcase, 2017.


Search Dog


John and Tina had only just moved to the Cumbrian Pennines when they first met Sam.  An engaging, mischievous, yellow Labrador pup, they bought him on the spot with drastic consequences for their future life.  Because it wasn’t long before Sam’s intelligence was noticed by neighbours involved in SARDA, the Search and Rescue Dog Association which provides a vital rescue service for people on the fells. 


Called out at all hours in terrible weather conditions, members of SARDA require incredible powers of physical endurance, personal commitment, and total confidence between dog and handler.  But the work is exciting, often exhilarating, though sometimes harrowingly tragic, relieved by moments of unexpected humour, particularly when a personality like Sam is around. 


The story of how John and Sam succeeded in joining this demanding organisation, despite some hilariously embarrassing misadventures, and the unique relationship that builds up between them, is an exciting and moving read. Souvenir Press Ltd, 1987 & Sphere, 1989.

Sam & Co


This sequel to Search Dog continues his story, but also records the heroic work of his colleagues - Loch, Shep, Boris, Ben, Mist and Spin, Tosh, Patch and many more - the highly trained collies and labradors who go out with the Mountain Rescue Teams, using air scent to locate casualties before it is too late. Every year, winter and summer, thousands of people are drawn to wander over the Lakeland Fells. Every year a number fall foul of this beautiful but perilous landscape whose weather can change in a matter of minutes from bright sunshine to teeming rain and gale force winds. Souvenir Press Ltd, 1989.

Hearing Dog


This is the poignant story of Jenny Harmer, a deaf child growing up in a silent and isolated world, and Connie -- the friendly black collie chosen to be Jenny's devoted companion. Thanks to Connie, Jenny was no longer shy and withdrawn, but full of confidence, running her own Lakeland pub. In the English Lake District. Souvenir Press Ltd, 1997.

Whale Language: Songs of Iona


A celebration of the sacred island of Iona, exploring the landscape, the numinous, myths and legends through poetry, after the author's 10 years extended time on the island teaching creative writing and evoking the spirit of Iona. It is that ghostly language of the ancient earth which Wordsworth understood so well, which the Druids celebrated on sacred Iona, which the Maori inhabit in their Marae, which the Tibetans enshrine every day in their sacred rituals, which native peoples everywhere still have whale language for. It is that still spirit, the numinous, which links us to the mystery of life. Indigo Dreams. 2011.

North Face

Poems of the Lake District and Border country. Pleiades Press, 1989.

Into The Lotus

Poems of the Himalaya: joint publication Pleiades Press and Nepal, 1997.

Walls at the Worlds End

Poetry based on commissioned work for the Writer's Residency on Hadrian's Wall. Senhouse Roman Army Museum, 2005.

Writing On The Wall

Poetry in conjunction with Arts UK, 2006

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