I WILL BE STARTING SUPER GROUP 6 mid-October!! Do contact me if you are interested. 11a.m-1 p.m on alternate Thursdays. Distance no object. We have a participant from the USA and Europe so far.

SUPER GROUP 5 step up to the mark with fantastic writing!

I am delighted so many participants in my Zoom Super Group 5 have submitted work for my website, see attachment. The standard has been extraordinary. This has literally been a lifeline for us all over the last year, and I’m incredibly proud of the writing which has been produced.

Enormous thanks to Angela Sibson, a very talented member of the Super Groups since the beginning, who once again has bravely taken on the task of collating work which had been sent in by Super Group writers. You can find their work in the attachment. A further attachment may follow, but enjoy these brilliant pieces. I am so proud of everyone! Thank you to Rebekah Spivey for her great support as my helpmeet too.

Angela Locke MA


SuperGroup Zoom meetings for writers everywhere!

Since July last year, during the traumatic months of lockdown, I have invited writers to join my Super Group sessions, via Zoom. It is been amazingly successful and produce some incredible work. So far we have had 25 sessions, and have now paused for the summer, as life hopefully gets back to normal, although we hope to begin again in October.


People have been kind enough to say it has been a lifeline, and I feel the same way! The writing, the comradeship and friendship which is grown out of these classes has been amazing. The Group have supported each other through illness and difficulty, loneliness and trauma. And I think we have all surprised ourselves by the standard of writing, as months of isolation has honed our writing skills and the power of imagination.


Very many thanks to Angela Sibson, one of the writers in the Super Group since the beginning, who has kindly volunteered to collect together a sample of the work of Super Group 4 to be displayed on my website, and the group members have given their kind permission for it to be used in the public domain. Each person’s work is as it has been sent from the writer.

I hope you enjoy reading their inspiring writing via the links below...


Supergroup 4 Samples Supergroup 5 Samples