Coronavirus Update

‘It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that the hotel, with myself in absolute agreement, has decided the course is not viable this September in view of the current Covid 19 pandemic.The hotel will open in a few days but the group situation simply isn't possible just until everything has hopefully settled down. We would be unable safely to use the conference room in any numbers at present or even to eat together. The new data on nanoparticles held in the air makes the issue even more difficult, while the travel timetables are also currently totally disrupted and intractable, making the journey extremely challenging just at the moment. I can't tell you how disappointed I am and for all of you. I have held our beloved island in my mind as a sanctuary for all the troubles and through all of this. HOWEVER, I will be running two IONA courses as well as Rydal Hall, next year. The dates for May on IONA are May 29th-3rd June and September 4th-9th 2021. As we expect to have high numbers, please do contact me for a booking as soon as you like, to be sure of a place and I can pencil you in for next year.

SuperGroup Zoom meetings for writers everywhere!

I am running a Zoom SuperGroup at the moment with some Iona participants and participants from my other groups. it is going swimmingly! I am so enjoying their wonderful writing, and it is so lovely to catch up with many of you. The group is full and I have stopped taking anyone else, but I may start another one a bit later on and also one for overseas writers, tailored to Time Zones and needs, although the amazing Rebekah Riebsomer Spivey is getting up at 4 am to join us at the moment from the USA. How's that for dedication? The group is so warm and engaging, commenting on each other's work between sessions, and so encouraging to everyone. It is becoming a real community. I feel privileged to be running it!

Let me know if you are interested especially if you are overseas, but also in the UK. I may also run an Iona mini-Zoom course during what would have been our course dates in September. Let me know if you would like to join in, on the virtual shores of the bay of the White Strand of the Monks... you can almost smell the sea from here! xxxx